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Mama Mia It’s a Pizza Party



Gather you group and lets EAT!!  This party is super fun forany age.   We start this party by decorating your own apron and chef’s hat.  Once you look like an authentic Italian pizza chef, we get to baking!!!  All guest will get to roll, toss and shape their own pizza crust and add as many toppings as they would like. Once your pizza is perfectly topped we pop it in the oven.  In the meantime,  we have fun making pizza themed desserts and crafts. After enjoying the AMAZING pizzas and desserts, we finish the party with our signature  Birthday Toasting Ceremony.  This party is a huge hit for every baker, big and small!



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Let’s face it, no one wants or needs a goody bag full of misc Dollar Store items that will end up under the bed or in the toy box without any more thoughts given. We are big fans of one special take away item that your guests will love and remember. Take a look at some of our most popular items and even if we don’t host a party for you, we would be happy to make your custom take away party gifts.

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Glamping Party

Bring the outdoors in to you with our new themed GLAMPING PARTY!!!  This party is perfect for a sleepover but we can also GLAMP in the middle of the day!   Your space will be transformed into the great outdoors with our super cute camping décor.   Tents, campfires, bears, makeovers, themed crafts, smores and more make this party one your child will simply adore!   

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The Birth of Girly Girl Galas and “THE BLOG”

The bottom line: moms work way too hard just being moms not to be able to enjoy milestone events like birthday parties. The birthday girl/boy and the invited guests will have fabulous memories of the party but what about the person who made it all happen? By the end of one of my kid’s parties I was always exhausted, hadn’t eaten any of the food I cooked and have no real recollection of any of the events that occurred prior to my exhaustion. Not to mention after all of the guests depart I was left with a mess to clean up “all by myself” (cue sad song). Thus Girly Girl Galas was born!!! (cue choir singing Hallelujah Halleluja Halleeeeeeee LU YA!!!!!)

The idea behind Girly Girl Galas: let us do all of the work planning, hosting and cleaning up so you, the mom can relax and actually participate, enjoy, or drink wine during the party. For the first time the choice IS YOURS!

Chances are moms either work full time jobs or are full time moms who have a million and one tasks to take care of each day. I’m pretty sure no one is sitting around eating BonBons all day. The last thing on anyone’s mind is planning an amazing birthday party. This is why the jumpy, Chuck E Cheese and Pump It Up were invented. But who wants to do that every single year? BORING!!!

So, I did some research, found out what the newest, biggest, coolest ideas were and went to work on the “how to”. After trial and error after trial and error after error after error I finally have a handle on planning amazingly beautiful and entertaining events.

Over the past two years I have learned a lot of creative ways to customize and make a party fabulous. Through my blog I plan on sharing my trials and tribulations, tips and just plain entertaining events with my followers. I hope you enjoy and find my blog useful and would LOVE to have feedback and comments on anything I post!!

Celebrating Today, Tomorrow and Forever!!!